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This is a wide selection of business premises and commercial properties for investors and those who wish to own their own business on the Costa Del Sol. Here you can search for a variety of property types, from hotels, bars, restaurants and cafés to industrial units, shops, offices, and developments.

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95 Properties found
Hotel for sale in Puerto Banús R2769587
Hotel in Puerto Banús
36 40 4480m² 3078m²
Hotel for sale in Marbella R2422189
Hotel in Marbella
€1,850,000 26%
8 8 350m² 1000m²
Hotel for sale in El Burgo R3892798
Hotel in El Burgo
13 13 536m²
Hotel for sale in Torremolinos R3575371
Hotel in Torremolinos
204 206 12954m² 9332m²
Hotel for sale in Torremolinos R3575428
Hotel in Torremolinos
186 186 7997m² 6500m²
Hotel for sale in Ronda R2822942
Hotel in Ronda
€750,000 12%
5 4 404m² 194m²
Hotel for sale in Antequera R3886348
Hotel in Antequera
21 19 1019m² 35000m²
Apartment Complex for sale in La Carihuela R3481057
Apartment Complex in La Carihuela
4 4 414m²
Apartment Complex for sale in Alora R3215818
Apartment Complex in Alora
€388,600 26%
8 6 434m²
Hotel for sale in Valle de Abdalajis R2494133
Hotel in Valle de Abdalajis
10 9 700m² 20000m²
Aparthotel for sale in Carratraca R3556279
Aparthotel in Carratraca
9 8 749m² 3331m²
Apartment Complex for sale in Málaga R3790429
Apartment Complex in Málaga